Character Project: Round One Notes

Work In Progress / 15 August 2020

So I'm working on a new personal project that I will take to completion. Too many I have started and never finished but this one will be. Working on the high poly version now and will create a game asset from it and pose it. My portfolio is full of busts which I enjoy making as I like facial anatomy but I need more character work that's taken to completion.

So I'm creating a Mars pirate named Side Effect. Several hundred years into the future, humans have colonized Mars and even terraformed it to the extent that we can live on the surface but not completely without some air assistance. At least not yet. Side Effect who has suffered from the results of extensive surface living, as surface living isn't recommended, but she is a pirate and pirates do as they please. While civility does reside on mars in the human colonies, it exist little elsewhere. Our lady pirate here lives between the colonies stealing from humans who travel between colonies and from those like herself, who live between them.

At this point I'm working on accessories to add some interest as well as layers of clothing to add story depth. Mars can get quite cold when you're in the wrong part at the wrong time of day. But during the summer months in the sun it's quite hot. Not sure if that's true or not, but in this universe, it is. ;)

I spent much more time on her anatomy than I have before because I really want to improve in that area. So I hope it looks more natural and feminine. I'm going to make notations as I continue to work through the project before I post the final renders.