Character Project: Round Four-Beginning Texturing

Work In Progress / 21 September 2020

Got all of the normal and AO map baking done. Now I can get to texturing in Substance Painter. I've used Painter before several times but I use it sparingly so when I do open it up for a project I have to relearn some of the same stuff I've learned before. 🤷‍♂️

I'm really happy with the normal and AO maps of the character. They came out very clean because I went through methodically piece by piece baking out the maps and then combining them in Affinity Painter. The gun maps were a bit more rough and I believe its because the hi-poly models I used to bake the maps from was dynamesh and had some rough edges to it in places and contributed to the creation of artifacts. I'll have to keep that in mind on my next character build.

 I've noticed online there is a method of combining normal map layers by simply changing them to "overlay". But that crushes the blue channel which will affect the details of the final normal map. You need to duplicate each map you import and fill the red and green channel of the duplicated layer with white(leaving the blue unchanged), change that layer to "multiply" and then fill the blue channel of the original layer to absolute middle gray(leaving the red and green unchanged) and change that layer to overlay to properly combine the normal maps.

I love using RizomUV to handle my uv work as it makes it super easy to manage them. Especially if you're OCD. 😁

Here's a shot of my UV's and an updated marmoset viewer file with my WIP so far.