Give Me My Infinity

General / 06 April 2020

So lately I was reminded of just how good the simple programs we use can be so much better than the monolithic ones(*ahem Corel Painter *ahem). As an artist I love finding new tools for my tool belt that will allow me to be creative quickly and efficiently where I don't have to think about the technicalities of the application or hardware that I'm using. Once such application is "Mischief". Or perhaps "Made With Mischief"? I'm not sure which is the proper name of this wonderful application.

I came across it a few years ago and was instantly drawn to its simple interface and brush palette. And the quick brush strokes that kept up with my hand as I made gestures both big and small across the canvas on my tablet. And of the course the best part--the infinite canvas, oh the infinite canvas. Is this not every digital artists dream? Of course I know you can always resize the canvas in the other digital painting apps but there is something about knowing that you can pan and pan and pan and pan and pan until infinity when creating. As well as zooming in til your hearts content.

The original mind behind the software is Sarah Frisken who worked on the technology behind Mischief (again, or is it Made With Mischief?) for 15 or so years before we saw the release of the app. Now back in 2014, Mischief was purchased by our friends at The Foundry. Unfortunately in 2016  updates on the software essentially stopped and the community was left to wonder why The Foundry was dragging its feet.

Well last summer we found out--the Foundry was discontinuing the product. As a user and artist I was saddened by this as were others but was left with the hope that the technology behind Mischief would find its way into a new 2d drawing app from The Foundry. I still have hope but haven't heard anything through the grapevine as of yet.

As an artist I need, we need, these simplistic applications for our creative needs, If I, if we, are left only with the Adobe's, Autodesk's and The Foundry's of the world to provide us with bloated software that require subscriptions then I, we, may just have to revert back to good ole Microsoft Paint.

Ok, that may be a bit extreme and maybe dramatic. 😝

*Side note: A new app I discovered is called Krita and is an open source digital painting app. Although it doesn't employ the same technology as Mischief, it is very responsive for me and I truly enjoy working in it. It is worthy of a quick check.