Pit Lord: Real-Time Character

The Lore

And so it is said that this beast of viciousness and violence came to the realm with origins unknown that even the brother kings of the under realm knew not. But this broken soul was not welcomed into the realm and as the demon armies attacked; he unleashed with hellish abandon a furious anger that gave each their due reckoning.

And now today, after a millennia, this brute beset with anguish from a life’s past still stands outside the realms gate-waiting. But the brother kings dare not sanction his passage into their dominion for they seek to protect their power over the realm. But this beast, this Bastian of violence, this Pit Lord, is foretold to come and unbind untold punishments on the kings themselves as well as their followers; thus ending the rule of the great dark titans descendants.

It is through this retribution that the great dark titan himself will again rise and rule the under realm as his own and send doom to the light realms above; thus reclaiming all of the realms as one and returning all to darkness.

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